Flow Automotive: Committed to Our Community

Our goal at Flow Companies is to be a creator of societal value by contributing to the common good of our communities. We want our presence to make a positive difference in our communities. Not just by the distinctive products and services we provide but because of the way we engage in the community and invest in its future. We want to be known as a company that is committed to the well being of our communities. We want to be the kind of company that if we did not exist, a community would want us to exist because the contribution that we have made to the common good.

We think about our communities as cultural banks where the social, intellectual, aesthetic, political, and economic capital from the past has been deposited, to be drawn down to meet the present needs. When organizations make withdrawal from that capital without replenishing it, they are diminishing the ability of the community to flourish in the future.

We believe that we are accountable to our communities and future generations to not just replenish that cultural capital that we have drawn upon, but to also be a creator of capital for the future. If the entire cultural capital (social, intellectual, aesthetic, political, and economic) of a community is not growing and expanding, then its future will be less than its past.

We do the work of replenishment and creation of cultural capital through our investments in institutions whose mission serves in these spheres and through the service of members of our organization to their communities in non-profit organizations (we compensate them when they are serving because we consider this investment to be an appropriate use of our economic capital). We are focused on developing leaders who understand their responsibility to serve in their communities.

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